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An 8 Year Old Could Do That

 My name is Yoyoka Soma. I am 8 year old Japanese drummer.




When I was a just small baby, my parents had a home studio and there were various kinds of instruments. My parents were performing music activities as amateur singer-songwriters and they cradled me with their music. When I listened to their songs and guitar performances, I was eager to join them and couldn’t stop beating out a rhythm. That was why I started playing the drums. The drum was the first instrument in which I felt an interest in my life. My parents’ music peers often visited us to play together. I was glued to the powerful and dynamic performances by the drummers. At age 2, I was playing the drums as if I were playing with toys. At age 4, I started performing at concerts. At age 5, my family band “Kaneaiyoyoka” was formed by my parents. We have released 2 self-produced CD albums so far. Not only the drums, I also play the keyboard and perform as a vocalist. I compose lyrics and music as well.


My favorite drummers are John Bonham, Chris Coleman and Benny Greb.


As a drummer, I enjoy being groove, tones and try to support vocalists carefully. My dream is to be the best drummer in the world. In addition, I want to be an artist who can do anything: playing all instruments, recording music, mixing the sound and designing the CD album jackets. As I am aiming at overseas activities, I am studying English conversation. I want to become friends with people all over the world through my musical activities!


As HLAG is a contest only for women, I definitely can’t lose it. I want to be the best female drummer. Thanks to the great support by my family and fans, I can continue the practice and other musical activities. I want to show the best result of my daily practice and come out on top of this contest!


Social Network: 

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaneaiyoyoka/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yoyokadrums

web: https://kaneai.jimdo.com/


Uploaded on 10 Apr 2018


RIP Anthony Bourdain

If you hadn’t heard of this Chef/Writer here’s an episode of a series he did, Phil Dirtbox of Soho appears not unsurprisingly in the Soho section, about halfway through.


Oi! Pirate! Didn’t You Kill My Dinner?

At the Ferria, the week before last, there was a bullfight. This week dead bull was on sale in the food market. So I bought some and made Toro à la Bourguignonne

The pirate who killed my dinner was this man who reminds me of Shane MacGowan.


José Padilla 


Shane MacGowan 1980’s


 Shane more recently

Pirate of the bullring: Juan José Padilla Juan José Padilla, 43, was born in Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia and always aspired to be a bullfighter. He took on his first bull when he was 21 and soon earned the nickname, the Pirate.


In October 2011 he was gored by a bull in Zaragoza and almost died from his injuries. The bulls horn went through his skull, he suffered multiple skull and jaw fractures. He ended up with loss of hearing, facial paralysis and was blind in his left eye. But he refused to retire and five months later returned to the bullring with an eyepatch. Fans coined the nickname The Pirate. In May 2012 he survived serious injury when a bull threw him into the air in Madrid.  Then in October last year he was gored again in the same eye socket by a bull in Zaragoza. 


Then, recently his glass eye flew out when he was gored by a bull in Valencia. 

Eye Eye Capitan! 


Cheapest Drug On The Market?

I seem to remember being told that if one drank seawater one went insane, then again if one is enjoying drinking seawater one is probably already half way there. I am not going to Google what the effects of seawater are, as Google tends to replace conversation with dull facts.

Here therefore is a beer I had to try. I had it with Oysters, filled with more seawater. Yesterday I had a few more bottles, they make you thirsty. I think I may be heading off to the beach with a bucket and pint glass.


100 Things I Love (Part 9)

41. I love blossom. Every street here is lined with Orange Trees. The blossom right now is sweetly intoxicating and it gives the evenings a highly charged sensual air. The jacaranda trees are about to blossom and are a spectacular purple lilac. The colours are so overwhelming they evoke in me a mixed sense of euphoria and tragedy, it is a short-lived experience, it is too real. 


42. I love the medium of Film. Here is a small selection of films that have had more influence on me than real life, whatever that is.


Meantime (Mike Leigh)


The Ruling Class (Peter Medak)


The Hit (Stephen Frears)


Black Cat White Cat (Emir Kusturica)


Brazil (Terry Gilliam)


You The Living (Roy Andersson)

Walkabout (Nicolas Roeg)


The Man Who Fell To Earth (Nicolas Roeg)


Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock)


The Kids Are Alright (Jeff Stein)


Barry Lyndon (Stanley Kubrick) 


Lost in Translation (Sofia Coppola)


Chinatown (Roman Polanski)


Out of the past (Jacques Tourneu)


Scarlet Street (Fritz Lang)


Persona (Ingmar Bergman)


Taxi Driver (Martin Scorsese)