Mice & Menus

Whilst having a spot of light lunch yesterday I couldn’t help but admire this questionable choice of photo for a place that serves food. The rodents pictured are from the Tio Pepe Sherry bodega which has been serving generations of mice a glass a day for over a century, the kind workers of Gonzales Byass have even provided their furtive freinds with a little access ladder. I was told by the waiter that the practice has now been stopped due to EU health regulations: How many units are Mice allowed? I asked. 

Britain’s rats are awaiting the announcement of a No Deal Brexit, then the Tennent’s Super swilling drunken bastards will go on the rampage bringing back the good’olde worlde Black Death, probably.




Self Portait

On a rare recent outing to get supplies of Rum And Cuban Cigars on Calle Paul (Paul Street) I saw this totem unto I. An ancient custom here is never to walk past a bus stop with your name on it without taking a photograph, or catching the next bus.


Found My Tipple

In Brexitlandia there are a lot of novelty named wines like “Old Git.” They are all by and large rubbish drinks but are popular amongst people who like whoopie Cushions.


Anyhow this local Spanish wine is not supposed to be amusing or descriptive but it might as well be both. I drank it and felt funnier after the second bottle.

It's name is Terrible

The fellow in the background resembles yours truly and that Tesco “Value” Scotch Whisky was bought in Soho for about 5 Quid when Tesco where denying claims that they lured customers in with cheap booze. Again, a terrible drink and I had to fight through a hysterical flash mob of Soho Street Drinkers to get my sweaty trembling palms on it.


You Make Me Feel So Young

A Tio Pepe Fino Sherry enthusiast friend of mine was 80 this week. I took my guitar into the Flamenco Bar on the off chance he might fancy playing it. He grabbed it and didn't stop for an hour. Then he cornered me and asked: “Can you bring your guitar to Manolo's Bar this Tuesday, I'm going to celebrate the birthday of another Tio Pepe drinker, he'll be be 91.”

Cheers to that.

Antonio plays to a portait of Paco De Lucia.


Burning Martyr you say?

Yesterday was San Juan, so what you may ask. We’ll take a look at this photo.

This pair of creatures were lovingly made by a neighbour, in secret. She made the suit and the everything else from her own clothes, over two months. They represent Catherine and I. All good so far?

Now look what the town did to these fine figures next.


Quite often the dolls are made up to represent local or national personalities who are famous (or sometimes infamous). The burning of these effigies is supposed to bring good luck but quite often, it is just good fun and it makes a great spectacle, but very odd to witness yourself in The Wicker Man.


I was in Cadiz yesterday and saw this appetising mural outside a place that may possibly sell this product. I wasn't quite hungry enough for cartoon food and opted instead for a realistic looking Havana Club Rum in what might well be regarded as a Spanish Fish & Chip shop around the corner.



Breakfast in Andalusia usually involves eating bread, or drinking spirits. Look closely at this photo and see if you can spot the difference between the rabbit and the slice of local bread. Ultimately is does not matter a jot, as they can be combined or eaten separately.