The Devil’s Instrument

This is my 100th Post, apparently.

I've played The Drums on and off all my life and I must confess that I have never considered the drumkit to be an instrument of God: Despite the fact that they can be heard in gospel churches fronted by a preachy Little Richards, James Brown or Cliff Richard and the Holy Shadows. The soothing timbre of the harp, flute or lute seem far more in keeping with the ambience specified by heavenly bureaucracy. The relentless pounding of skins and thrashing of metal amidst the flailing of hickory sticks is surely more of a Hell vibe.

Anyway, this week is Semana Santa here in Spain, it has nothing to do with Christmas, well it does as it commentates Christ's crucifixion, death and resurrection, it is a celebration of pageantry, art, and raw emotion, which is no laughing matter I can tell you.

So … I saw this sacred looking drumkit in a music shop window in Jerez, it seems to be tiptoeing betwixt heaven and hell with tremendous symmetrical panache.