The Great Mexican Bake Off

Donald Trump is to host his own TV show “The Great Mexican Bake Off.”

In the controversial new program contestants are asked to bake as many meatloaf bricks as it is possible within the first half of the show, then within the remaining time they must butter-ice as many meatloaves together in order to build a section of Trump's “Great Mexican Border Bakeoff Wall.”


Trump said: “It won't take anytime at all to build the wall and it's hugely entertaining for American and Afro-American families that like to watch the TV.”



Critics suggest however that Trump may have his math “Totally way out of freakin' whack.”

TV Baking experts Mel & Sue predict that: “The series would have to run for at least seven and a half thousand seasons to complete the gastronomic monstrosity, by which time it would almost certainly have been eaten by criminals, killers and rapists on both sides of the border, yummy.”