Sebastian Horsley At Foyles

Ignore the opening few minutes and the my drunken Camera. This is an unedited experience. Not much of him exists.


I don’t Have Scabies But If …

… If I did I would want to get RID of them (See pictures below). I may not have been on enough drugs yesterday and found myself drawn into thinking about the World Of Scabies after listening to New Rose by The Damned thirty years or more years ago.

I then made the mistake of looking at horrible pictures of blighters blighted by Scabies. So I decided to seek out the various cures for the said affliction and to my suprise there are far too many to laugh at. There must be a lot more scabies about than I had bothered to imagine.Take a look at these tremendous products and messages of discomfort.


Is the scabie baby in this pic on Facebook talking about scabies or Something else?

How could one possibly resist the lure of an Exclusive Scabies Comb?


“Almost instantly” is quite good but do/does Scabies have tricks?


Heston Blumenthal might consider this on a Bonio Dog biscuit as an appetiser,

Something else … Altogether more disturbing?

Looks like Scabies might also be worried about getting itself.


I would really like to meet Doctor Scabies. The next Bond film I hope.


PS: If you have been affected by any of the words, pictures or views expressed in this post then please just fuck off.