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  1. I hope you will already have heard the sad news of another death – John Izod. I wanted to say how glad I am that you made that film about John and his acting career. It captures him really well and the shots of him in Rye are great. I am sure it will be enjoyed by many of his friends as well.

  2. I love you paul lawford (ex rubbish)
    It’s late – I looked for Sebastian, I looked for you, he is dead, you are MIA, and I hope you’re that way to your eternal happiness – then I found you’re secretly still with us via WordPress blog – ingenious
    Miss you terribly – but i would flee in a moment if I could – so fair play to you –
    You are a gem and a wonderful memory –
    Hope you’ve found some peace –
    And I treasure your parting Dalis car picture disc –

  3. Me and me old mate Jay were talking this morning, walking around old bands, old sounds and old memories – Japan came up, as it often does, then I mentioned Dalis Car to him, which lead to a rifling of the vinyl collection. How wonderful a life when you are a part of a creation that, even 33 years after it was released, can spark a conversation in a small kitchen in Buckinghamshire?

  4. A friend of mine pointed out “i guess Mick [Karn] needed a hunky drummer to move” … and so I thought that you and Steve [Jansen] maybe should consider making an album called “Hunky ‘n Funky” or “Hunk Funk” … Any thoughts? 🙂

  5. Your fresh beats made it all the way to Houston and saved many a lost souls evoking escape routes to those that were ecking out lives around clubs libraries make shift skateboard scenes – your rhythms also saved our very late grasp of japan – in other words without your drumming the wave phenomenon of japan/bauhaus would have dispersed attenuated disappeared as your contribution to that wave also made it the soliton it has become – seems to disappear refract bounce off odd walls of anisotropy but somehow comes back together and yet as all shall pass all shall become whole again to the mother wavelet.

    • Troy, I am moved by your eloquence, thank you so much. My soul is lifted by your love of the music. It was for me a deep experience. Mick, Pete & I had all hit rock bottom together, we bonded then we made it individually to the surface. Xx

  6. Do you remember a Spring Awakening? I killed myself, which seems harsh, reflecting on it, I must have been a ball of weird closeted energy, Spain sounds preferable, well done.

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