Censorship Gone Mad

I don’t know what this is all about but I thought you ought to have a look at it anyway. Not sure why he has a small ballbearing for a head but he more than makes up for it with his variably sized other parts. Actually I think he looks a bit annoyed


Are You Wrestling With Things?

 Ok, Let’s Wrestle … Whoa … With What?




Maybe A Mic Fits In This Soprano’s Right Hand? 


I Dare You To Body Shame Me!



Elon Musk SpaceXXX


You Can Stop That Right Now



I Can’t See No Wood


Buddy The Boots Are Stayin’ On

Ain’t No Room For More Wood




Apologies my dears I’ve been slack on the posts. I’ve not been busy, I’ve just been sodding about, and sodden.

Here are a couple of the chairs nearly finished. I shall attempt better photographs when they are done. 




Sebastian Horsley At Foyles

Ignore the opening few minutes and the my drunken Camera. This is an unedited experience. Not much of him exists.


Postcards From The Dead

Sebastian Horsley was a friend. He died 10 years ago tomorrow. I found this postcard a few days ago. I had used it as a bookmark, but not in his book: Dandy In The Underworld. Now it’s perhaps a Coda. He was a witty and mischievous soul, I loved him. I still, at times, wish he was playing a prank on us all. 

Isn’t this one of those moments when we have to entertain the notion of the dead communicating with us – Gustav Temple (Chap Magazine).


Idle Hands Do The Devil’s Work

 Hello my loves, what a difference a few weeks make eh? Well now that we are all caught up in this fog together we’d best make ourselves as comfortable as we possibly can. I can’t say I have anything that could console you at this time or even possibly divert, my main wish is not to make matters worse.

My Epitaph

“He Tried Not To Make Matters Worse”

I wish to thank you dear reader for following my ramblings into the void and making it a less lonely voyage. 

Now onwards and inwards until we can go outwards, where and what is Wards? 

 So, I have been dancing with El Diablo in the digital domain. Here are a few doctored iPhone pictures that I took this week to reflect Andalucían idle doom.


Beer Melting Time



The Quiet Life



The Quieter Life


The Art Life

So there we have it. Chins up, bottoms up, don’t let the bugger get you down.



Apologies to you my dear reader for the hiatus. I accidentally became the producer of a Flamenco album in Jerez De La Frontera. I am currently mixing it for release on 12th August. Gypsies you say? It has been a bit mental. Here are some photos. Starting of course with me.


Dessert Storm?

It rained last week for the first time in a very long time, but it rained mostly beautifully colored sand from the Sahara, which felt rather exotic, or interplanetary. I had dreams of walking on Mars

Steps to Terrace

Not a Rothko