Who Killed Bambi?

Old Bambi Eyes is threatening a return to Politricks.


Tony 'Bambi' Blair has refused to rule out a return to British politricks, in an interview in which he predicts the centre ground opening up and swallowing the UK under Labour's guidance, should he return.

The former prime minister said he was still trying to find a nifty trick that would help the party become electable.

In an interview with Motor Caravan magazine, Blair, Former Administrator of Warcrimes said the centre of British politics would rise again and he did not rule out a role in being that rise, whilst gesticulating towards his crotch area.

“I don’t know if there’s a role for me,” he said. “There’s no limit to what I want to say about my own position at this moment. I went to the premier of Supersonic the Oasis biopic last night and I'm all fired up, it's like Britpop's coming home, coming home, it's coming home. After all I WAS Cool Britannia.”

Blair pictured with Noel Gallagher not Liam  

“All I can say is that this is where politics is at man. Can you dig? Do I feel strongly about it? Yes, I'm fucking well up for it. Am I very motivated by that? Fuck yes you potato. Where do I go from here? What exactly do I do? That’s an open question and none of your fucking business pal.”