1649 And All That Toss

On January 27th 1649 King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland was found guilty of high treason at a public drinking session. He was beheaded three days later, outside of Norman Balon's Coach & Horses, Soho, London

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    On January 30th 1649 Following the execution of King Charles I, the Commonwealth of England, a republican form of government, duffs up and replaces the monarchy as the form of government of England and later of Scotland and Ireland. Members of the Long Parliament serve as government

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    March 19th 1649 The House of Commons of England passes an act abolishing the House of Lords, declaring that it is “useless and dangerous to the people of England”

November 1st 2016 Paul Vincent Lawford purchases a plastic thingamy jiggy for spinning things around and that. Fiskars have been making toss such as this since 1649 which makes you think, or not, doth it not?