Another way to drink?

On a trip to stock up on yet more booze the other day I spied this tea bag box looking curio of small whisky imbibements. What are they? Who cares? Look at the packaging. They could be emergency Break-Open viles, or safety sachets for secretion on those dreary trips to rehab, or perhaps an ever so convenient vacuum packed “Quick Hit” hypodermic syringe of 40% idiot elixir.

In any case I made the mistake of not buying a box. The price was discouragingly more expensive than the purchase of a bottle of DRINK ANYTIME&ANYWHERE SOMETHINGTHINGELSEBIGGER.

However, upon reflection I concede that despite my initial judgements on how gimmicky this product appears, it may well have some very serious applications in the workplace e.g: Ambulance and Train Drivers, Prison Officers and Air Traffic Controllers and just about any professional that has to deal with difficult periods of time between pub stops.

As an afterthought I am now pondering as to whether the Avatar Blue brand was inspired by the blue faced 3D mandrills of the monstrously ugly film Avatar? Or not. I'm not really sure I care, as blue whiskey in a condom is a winner by me, I shall be stocking up next week.