Citrus Mutant caught on camera

This Kettle Netted wayward fruit is not nearer the camera, it is Acually Bigger than the other Bully Boys. What is happening here? A Cuckoo Orange? The flattened fruit on the wall are the subject an advertisement photograph featuring a similarly larger orange or peach or something or other, now go and do something else more interesting. I am.


Suicide is painless

Here we can see the naturally self-impailed fruits of Andalusia. These are indeed bitter fruits, not hanging from Poplar trees but dropped for dead from the Street Orange, they are not of the sweet kind. These bastards are are used like lemons, or as a substitute for an ailing car battery. There is no intended reference to any suicides in this post relating to Members of The House Of Conmens or any dead members of the 1980's pop group INXS. Perhaps there now is.