Analyse This


Get back

I’m alright Jack 

Keep your hands off of my stack 


It’s a hit 

Don’t give me that goody good bullshit


Roger Waters 

Pink Floyd


Roger Waters: Earnings and Income. Between June2017 and June 2018, Roger Waters earned nearly $70 million from his various musical and business ventures. Real Estate. In …

Net Worth: $310 Million


The 1980’s Mugging Scene


I remember being warned as a youth, growing up in London, of an epidemic level of local street muggings. I recall the thrilling fear that I might personally be mugged, especially on every Wednesday night whilst walking home from the Cub Scouts. High on a heady mix of Pepsi and Salt & Vinegar Crisps, I’d white knucle my door key in wait for a balaclava wearing assailant to jump out of nowhere like a Ninja armed with a machete. It never happened, but according to the newspapers at that time it was happening everyday and to everybody, except me, and all the people I knew.

Nowadays we don’t hear much about mugging, now it’s all stabbing, climate change and war, but not quite so much lately about Monkey Pox, thank heavens for that.



Financially, The Richest Man on Earth, soon to be Of Infinity & Beyond, has bought himself a new fuck toy. If you are receiving this Blog update through Twatter I apologise. I don’t use it but WordPress do. I shall try to reverse engineer things so that I can stop feeding what was always an abhorrent thing made worse now by Noel Skum. Oh, and he looks like a right cunt in this picture doesn’t he? Yes he does.


Late Trane




The loss on October the 14th of the Scottish behemoth who is, and still was Robbie Coltrane, has shaken the Scottish Film Board by storm. It has also pissed some people right off, why him? Why not Robbie Williams?



Del Boy as played by Robbie Williams in the poorly received West End Musical: “I’ve Got A 1972 Reliant Regal Supervan III For Sale”


Coltrane’s legacy now weighs heavily upon us all, and those he slept with. He was a terrifying comedy giant, a Shakespearean titan in tight tights. The news of his passing hit me hard, as would he have done had he have met me in the toilets of The Groucho Club in Soho’s Dean Street. Fortunately for me, he only frequented places I could ill afford the privilege, or indignity to enter.

The news that the Pub Quiz winning actor had taken his Final Stage Exit is sad for all of us who passively binge watch DVD Box Sets of old TV programmes. It has left us to wallow in our moral uncertainty and existential belly button picking; As an Internet Forum Commenter I too struggle daily with my own sense of utter pointlessness.

I reflect upon Rabbi C’s passing with pride and bewilderment, having mostly not been aware, or bothered by what he was doing, or has done. His list of achievements are possibly vast but he is best known for being an overweight intimidating Scotsman. Let us now then dwell on what might be the highlights of his life on earth.


Cracker: I did not understand a word of, the northern styled accent got in the way, and my hearing is not what it was, or is.

Harry Potter: Cash in hand I expect.


The Comedy Strip Series 1980’s: I liked some of. I was gifted the DVD Boxset by an old chum Oli Max for an alleged intimacy neither of us can, or wish to remember.


Fuel Bills affect us all, even The Artist has to keep warm, or air-conditioned, perhaps that is why so many of them can be found lounging around in recording studios, Theatre Bars and Art Exhibition openings that have canapés.


He, like me, you and us, also had electricity, gas and drink problems to attend to. My thoughts are with his friends and family. I raise a glass to him and shed no tear for the Comedy Greats he shat upon and almost buried: Bob Monkhouse, Noel Edmonds, Phil Collins et al …

“God Bless Him” – Rab C Cesspit  

Paul Ryan R.I.P

God knows how you’ve managed to escape Paul, still wearing the tux? 

You wore that look like you wore life … out … and with us and … them … and every creature between.

Paul you are a bright guiding star. I missed you before, and now I’ll miss you forever more. See you in m’dreams then?

Love xxx