Whatever Gets You Through The Night


I am possibly just as sad and angry … as you are right now … maybe … I’m a closet optimist with plenty of space in here to share, please crawl in

Here’s a thing I done did for you. ‘Tis me myself masquerading as a homage to the mighty Harry Nilsson In The Nighty


So go lightly my angels, flutter into that beautiful night and shine with all the brilliance of your best selves x 




Secretary-General of the UN vs Keith

Hello my dears,

I am sorry about being slack. The possible start of World War Season 3 had dented the old joie de vivre, but now l’m back at it. And to prove that I do care I went and made this for you

Ban Ki-Moon was named the 32nd most powerful person in the world by Forbes 


Keith on the other hand was named the most powerful party-animal in the world by Oliver Reed






Apologies to you my dear reader for the hiatus. I accidentally became the producer of a Flamenco album in Jerez De La Frontera. I am currently mixing it for release on 12th August. Gypsies you say? It has been a bit mental. Here are some photos. Starting of course with me.