Time Out Of Mind


In the coming months of isolation in the bleak midwinter of our discontent we may be seeking a little comfort


I offer you my dear reader a few hand picked but questionable items to tickle your fancies

First off then and

sorry vegans but it’s …



 After a few weeks indulging in the above one may wish to start feasting famously on 6 Soups a day to slim?

Go Elvis

When is a cocktail not a cocktail?
The answer is here 


 But surely there’s a Lighter Thingy than this?

It doesn’t even say what it is anymore



Back to the comfort food with a discomforting name

(Fatness Fast in 30 Seconds)


Too much pud?
Try this stuff from a Cowshed

The words Mother and Cow together

Is that right?


Ok maybe try this one instead as it says it’s Really Good

If you want something cheaper get some Reasonably Good

 Look out The Pun Genius is about

Oat dear!



Now where I’m from your Nads are your gonads

Looks like they got waxed completely off

I’m not going there 


I don’t want any nads up my nose thanks 

I particularly like the reassurance that 9/10 people find it painless

You know you’re special

You’re the One baby!


You must read closely what it says on this product

 Talk to your baby about green spots

Hopefully not the ones on the baby

 Do you have a cat that can’t be arsed?

I thought that was normal 

So did my cat


 Is this for real?

‘Tis The Pun Genius flogging to death his tired and tawdry trade




This product is for you to imagine

Something to do init?


 Well that’s it for now. A semi lockdown, not a euphemism, is in place in Andalusia so I expect to be at home more, so beware. I may attempt faster updates on the non goings on in my world

Hope it’s not too horrid in your world

Last Orders

I am saddened to hear another old chum died on Saturday at 56 of a brain tumour.

I missed you when I left England and now forever more.

I met him at The Colony Room in 2006 and became addicted to him. When that folded I followed him about.

If you have ever had a cocktail almost anywhere in the world there is a good chance Dick Bradsell had something to do with it. There are hundreds of articles online about him so you you can find out for yourself.

Here are two rare photos of him in The Colony

(No Photos, No Phones, No fuckin' Jokes)

I think he was showing me a bill, or a writ.


Changing the loo paper roll in a hurry

And here he is sounding like himself and Grayson Perry


He once said that of all the bars where he had worked, his favorite was the Colony Room, a famously divey den where the likes of the artists Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud went to slum and where shaking cocktails was discouraged.

“The owner hating me making cocktails so much, he used to hide my equipment,” Mr. Bradsell said in an interview. When a fellow bartender arrived, he said, he improvised and used his fingers to strain his friend’s drink.