Cat on a hot … roof

Me and my shadow

I took this during the week after some herbal remedies



Enough with the kitten already

I had give her a good kicking yesterday as she had launched a full on attack on my private arrangements.

She may be plotting my downfall.



What starts with a C ends in a T and is often referred to as a Pussy?

A Cat


Sherlock, the cat, died this week. The same day a kitten wandered into the house. So, now that tiny cute stray thing is called Nelly.

She obviously does not give a fuck about being called Nelly, but she may eventually appreciate her noble sweet name. Nelly is helping to heal the loss of the other poor bugger. She is not not a Mantis but hey, who needs a 360 swivelling pet head? Ok, most owners of Mantisis.


I Woke Up This Morning

And looked ahead of me and there were the two psychotic cats playing with Skully, the skeleton, and so I took a picture. Then looked at it carefully and thought, is this normal? There's a lot of stuff in the picture, the leaves are from my tobacco plantation, I have one plant and twelve slaves, a very Spanish practice. The other plant eats flies, God knows why.