Dog Of The Hare

It was 5 O’Clock on this misty morning. Churros & Chinchón, no not the names of the dogs, but an extruded donut sausage shaped thing and a strong aniseed liqueur for breakfast. These hounds are waiting to clear the fields of Hares for farmers who grow vegetables. Sorry my fellow vegetibalists but there it is. Man’s best friend and all that. 

PS: I’m not a vegetarian


Dead Dad’s Dog’s Dead?

Last night was our last show for The Carnaval in Benalup. We finished at 2am to a tremendously enthusiastic mass of writhing bodies. I stepped outside to cool down and was greeted by a stray dog. He gave me an empty water bottle then promptly rolled over into a dead dog type position. He stayed like that. A crowd slowly gathered around him. “I didn't kill it” I said limply. Then suddenly it jumped up and startled us all. He was taking the piss, a party piece, anything fo a Tapa.

It's a bit Francis Bacon bits init.