2 thoughts on “Order Now To Avoid Pointment

  1. …is this some sort of steam punk identity theft novella?… do said wells come with skulls and crossed bones shapes?….can you still get the ink to fill ’em?…. how long have you been harbouring the pseudonym “Jim Marshall” with out letting on?….(…oops…been up all night with no company but the voices in my head and THEY have a lot questions…)….

    ….(send paint by numbers now!)….

    • I too am sleepless. Maybe we are blessed having longer waking hours, we are active two days a day. The Siesta gives that impression, a few hours kip in the afternoon and it all starts again more than 700 hundred times a year. A Fitbit can’t keep up with that. I shall post another of Jim Marshall’s Catalogue forthwith to help your somnambulant soul.

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