Self Portait

On a rare recent outing to get supplies of Rum And Cuban Cigars on Calle Paul (Paul Street) I saw this totem unto I. An ancient custom here is never to walk past a bus stop with your name on it without taking a photograph, or catching the next bus.


Let us Art make

I have been doing some Art things of late and whilst looking for some materials I came across this marvelous set of Magic paints. You just spread the coloured muck all over the canvas and it will appear eventually to be a landscape. Hey kids count how many times the name Bob Ross is written on the box?

Alan Measles Art Theft

I took this photo whilst at Grayson Perry’s brilliant British Museum Exhibition and was told to “Erase that Now!” by a peaked cap Museum Nazi. So I didn’t and left before I had to swallow the phone. The freedom expressed in Art that is locked behind bullet proof glass is not allowed the punter. Not sure what Alan Measles makes of that. Do pop along to his Godlyness at this linkage.

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