R.I.P Ghosts

Just when I thought I could not be stopped

When my chance came to be king

The ghosts of my life

Blew wilder than before

Words David Sylvian
Music Japan


Here is a shot from a promotional photo shoot I did with Mick Karn (Japan) Almost a year before we teamed up with Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)

(Ha ha, that troublesome pocket flap was the least of my problems)


2 thoughts on “R.I.P Ghosts

  1. Brilliant! –

    and a bum chin! – the full Kirk Douglas! –

    I’ve never seen you without a beard!


  2. Ha ha ha too true. I think I have lost the bum, well maybe it’s a little less pert, but I can’t tell for the double chins. The beard is dangerously Noel (Nice & Tidy) Edmonds at this temperature but I am not quite Mr Blobby yet, despite serial lager and Jamón abuse.

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