Katy & P Willy

Her name is Catherine, not shortenable to Kate surely?

Anyfuck, Bill and Catherine have been on their Sunny Hols in the Caribbean whilst most of the rest of the planet has been anxiously anticipating the launch of World War – Season 03

Darling are we really tone deaf? 

 And this unmasked, unabashed image speaks volumes about British Colonialism

 I am ashamed on their behalf

John Izod’s Dreadlock Holiday

Apologies for being so quiet of late. Not true, actually I've been very noisy bashing seven and a half bells out of a bass drum in a Carnaval group. Report and video to follow shortly. Oh Lordy.

I have finally knocked together this 25 min epic biopic film of dear friend John Izod. In it he describes his misadventures as a star in a feature film. He tells it with wit, wisdom and charm. The feature film “Misfortunes” really ought to have a cult following but it is impossible to find. Thus, o'come tither all thee hipsters and seek it forth.