I went to Gibralter the other day to smuggle back some tax free booty, along with the rest of Andalusia. I stopped in at a bar to look back at The Rock and became distracted by this curious runway.

The two inch wheelchair drop onto the beach has been prevented and extended to a 40 foot micro-incline of slow and steady and pointless decent. Surely upon the golden sands the dear wheelchair shall sink and stay stuck. If it were tidal it would make for the most tedious of suicides.

Perhaps it was designed by this Wheelchair Worrying/Sausage Bending Hipster Chap?

I have concerns that I resemble him, from the neck up that is.


Dali Straits?

Did Salvador Dali fly over The Gibraltar Strait in a dream balloon to conceive his painting of The Persistence of Memory? Observe my fellow observers the similarity of the melting Dali self portrait on the sand and then cast your observations to the arial view of The Rock that is Gibralter. Day by day I have come to consider Dali less a Surrealist and more a Realist.

Did Dali simply copy future postcards?

You decide