100 Things I Love (Part 3)


11. I love stopping YouTube videos then shutting down my computer and leaving the house before the person in the video opens their mouth to start speaking or singing, just because I don't like the look of them.

I wish the real world had a similar facility that did not involve violence.


12. I love hearing that people who do things like climb mountains, or enjoy extreme sports, have killed themselves without endangering any rescuers or wasting the time of local medical services. Fuck those selfish bastards.

Rigor Mortis?


13. I love hearing my cats finally giving up whining and scratching at the bedroom door, as they finally realise once again that I am never, ever, ever, going to let them in, no matter what they want. Unless they are trying to tell me the house is on fire.

Look the kittie's head splits apart and then flames come shooting out. That's not right surely?

14. I love finding a secret beer stashed at the back of the fridge when I think we have no beer left and that I'll be forced to go out into the hot sun without having had a beer before going out to get more beer.

Pictured is an example, not actual product or my fridge.


15. I love the pitter patter of rain on windows. However in Andalusia when it rains it's like being trapped in a 40ft empty freight container left inside a Car Wash for a week, or living nextdoor to Enya.




I Woke Up This Morning

And looked ahead of me and there were the two psychotic cats playing with Skully, the skeleton, and so I took a picture. Then looked at it carefully and thought, is this normal? There's a lot of stuff in the picture, the leaves are from my tobacco plantation, I have one plant and twelve slaves, a very Spanish practice. The other plant eats flies, God knows why.


Peace Campaigning Cat Killer

Look just above the top right corner of the Cat Killer warning for a clue as to where the savage beast might be.

Note also the inferred outrage of a body being found near a War Show, that must have spoiled things for them.

Taken outside Co-Op Cranbrook. Tio Pepe is too expensive in there.

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