8 thoughts on “Why Keep Things Simple?

  1. On Tue, 1 Jun 2021, 08:50 Un Chien Andalucia Blog, wrote:

    > Paul Vincent Lawford posted: ” When you can make things complicated ” >

  2. Hello,
    I’ve just moved into your old cottage in Blighty and I’ve received vaccination notices from the NHS for you and your partner in the post. I know you’ve moved to Spain but I felt I should let you know just in case they’re of any use to you. Best wishes, Nigel

    • Nigel how marvelous of you to contact me. I hope your’e enjoying the place. It has many happy memories for us. Anyhow, we have both been stabbed in the arm twice now, so hopefully that will be enough for the time being. Cheers, chin gin.

      • Hello, sorry I had to comment here on your post to let you know they’d arrived… I couldn’t think how else to let you know. Glad you’ve managed to get your jabs anyway and managed to stay safe:) Yes, loving your old place so far… it’s very quirky (though I believe the previous occupants changed it considerably when they moved in… would love to have seen what it looked like in your day!) We’ve already heard tales of you performing impromptu gigs on hay bales around the flagpole (which at the moment is sadly absent having blown down in a storm). When your NHS vaccination notices arrived and we discovered you’d previously lived there, my fiancee delved into her record collection and fished out her Dali’s Car album, complete with your fine fizzog. I’ll endeavour to carry the baton in your tradition, as a beardy who’s dabbled a bit with percussion myself (though won’t be putting on any performances under the flagpole any time soon:) Cheers.
        N. R. H.

  3. So it was your fiancée that bought it, I always wondered who it was. It would be great if you got something musical going on down there. A few of us Harbour Drunkards managed to set up a Free Beer festival every summer for 4 or 5 years. Bands in gardens with kegs, no charge for booze, but food was sold, donations accepted and we sold commemorative pint glasses and T-Shirts. It was amazing, like Woodstock but without the bad acid … man.

    • Yes, my fiancee was indeed the culprit who bought the album, though that’s one more copy than my own album sold, as even she wouldn’t be caught buying one of those! It was so sad that Mick Karn should have passed away so young…. I remember seeing him live at the Bloomsbury Theatre during his Bestial Cluster tour in 1993, supported by the wonderfully discordant David Torn on guitar. Your Harbour concerts sound great fun… I must definitely keep an eye out for one of those commemorative pint glasses. Perhaps if I dredge the pondlet there’ll be one still nestling under the murky depths:) I believe plans are afoot to re-erect the old flagpole at some point, no doubt using some form of timber viagra, though sadly I suspect that if I were to try and resurrect such a festival myself and regale the locals with my own sounds, I fear the villagers would be more likely to try to hang themselves from the newly erected pole rather than jive around it:) Did your old friend Sebastian Horsley ever attend one of your harbour gigs? I’ve got a catalogue of some of his paintings and they’re superb. He was a very accomplished artist.

  4. Yes Mick dying was awful. Almost everybody I have ever had any affection for has died, so be careful Sir. Talking of which, I think Horsley’s view of the countryside was much like Bacon’s “All those fucking views.” Actually, he did want to visit us, but simply because he resented us leaving him alone at weekends. I was berated by him every Monday as I walked up to the landing past his closed door, he’d snarl “Traitor” then giggle like a demonic schoolgirl. I miss him still, especially when using stairs.

    • Aw, it is indeed so sad that your friends died so young, but it seems that they crammed more into their time than most of us would manage in three lifetimes…. not many of us would manage to be crucified and live to tell the tale for one (though I can’t say it’s something that would be high on my own bucket list!) and I’m sure both of them have left so many strong, and hopefully happy memories of them behind with all their friends. You yourself should know that I’ve heard nothing but good memories of you left behind among those who’ve mentioned you in the old harbour. Most of the adjacent neighbours are still there (Geoff, Maggie, Andre, Jill and the lovely folks at the gallery tearoom,) so not much change in the personnel, though I doubt you’d recognise your old homestead itself now as I believe the previous occupants changed everything round (the kitchen is now on the side and what I believe would have been the lounge in your day is now the bedroom, with the older room now the lounge, complete with relocated stove. It was also all painted white apart from the bathroom which is dark green and still has its secret cupboard in the panelling (which I’m considering using as a ‘safe room’ when my partner’s on the warpath:)

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