Light Sadle

As I walked out today I spotted this handsome beast. So I shot it. The shadow of the Street Lamp looks like a saddle does it not.

The shadow in the foreground is probably me dressed as a Klu Klux Klan photographer.



3 thoughts on “Light Sadle

  1. Brilliant!

    hows it going old fruit?

    Izods send off went well as these things can be expected –

    was about 1000 + people in the big church –

    then a pub crawl all around rye,

    I miss the Old Fucker! – but I mis you,

    the living more – hope all cool!

    m x >

  2. Very nice! Just lost another Soho old boy,, au revoir Burt Kwouk! Lesboss has hit the bottle….will be in Barcelona on 4th to 6th of June and then 8th to 11th of June if you fancy a trip upstream! Love Hilary xxx

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