Reflecting Upon The Dandy Lion

Sitting stoned staring blankly at yet another shrine I have put together for dead friends. This one is dedicated to Sebastian Horsley. He wasn't everybody's cup of tea, nor would he have wanted to be. Even at his very worst he was far more refreshing to behold than a bag of dried leaves in hot water. One afternoon he crept up the stairs in Meard Street Soho, knocked on my door and gave me this lion's skull as it did not interest him.


He prefered humans



6 thoughts on “Reflecting Upon The Dandy Lion

  1. Slightly macabre but makes a nice decoration for above the mantelpiece…hopefully those are pics of the still living in between. (as in not those that ‘donated’!)

    Suppose they were a bugger to dust!

  2. I should perhaps explain. Many years ago at university I dated a woman who was taking an anthropology class to satisfy her sciences requirement because she was appallingly bad at maths. Her professor suggested that the class attend a lecture at the medical school given by a visiting scholar who was analyzing a hominid skeleton called “Lucy” found at Olduvai Gorge. She wanted to score brownie points with the professor and I was dragooned into attending as well (the medical school campus was in a rough part of town). The scholar began by thanking the people who organized his lecture, particularly referring to the flyers posted around campus, which contained a photograph of him in his lab holding a hominid skull and standing in front of shelves of fossil skulls. He noted that several of these had been defaced, one by depicting him with “advanced canine dimorphism” (fangs) and another with the question above. Mr. Horsley’s photo put me in mind of that happy time. Thanks for posting it.

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