Breaking the silence with a Drum Solo

I apologise for not writing for over a month. I was kidnapped and held captive in cyberspace by the internet. Yesterday I managed to escape the digital domain and am now trying to find my way back to some form of analogue reality. I am suffering from the Information Highway horrors, and now dear friends it is your turn. Read on about 1970's rock drummer Carl Palmer's current antics at your peril, courtesy of Wikipedia.

In recent years, Palmer has performed a series of drum clinics across the UK, Europe and United States. Highlights of Palmer's live drum solo over the years have included the use of both gongs and tambourines, and also his ability to extract himself from his t-shirt while playing complex double bass drum patterns; the latter leaving him stripped to the waist to play the final part of his show. The removal of his shirt was a major attraction in Palmer's drum solos during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. On recent tours, however, his shirt has remained on throughout his performances.




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