Bonzo Chien Doo Dah Spoonerisms in Andalusia

I owe a lot to Viv Stanshall and the Bonzo Boys, everybody should, and they might owe me a few quid too. Anyway, I had the good fortune to encounter Mr Sam Spoons (Greatest Living Spoonist member of a Dadaistic Musical Entertainment Group of the 20th Century), very briefly after a Bonzo gig in Rye and I forced him, against his better judgement, to sign his name in permanent marker on the back of my jacket. I present to you thus the embroidered result. Nice writing Mr S. Spoons Nice embroidery The Mrs.



4 thoughts on “Bonzo Chien Doo Dah Spoonerisms in Andalusia

  1. too weird man – was only talking to a man about this last night – he could have been the cellist for ELO – except he would not paint his cello white.

    He’s regretted not buying a cheep one and painting it white ever since.

    I told him about that night as there was a ukulele night on last night in the queens – they still only know that one cord – but… somebody did a kazoo solo,

    and I told him it reminded me of the bonzo’s – then I told him the story of this jacket… and here it is. Tadah.

    nice arse/haircut.

    q m x

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