An Unnatural Alliance

Apologies to anybody who gives a shit about what I post, but I have not had much desire to use the internet in the last few months due probably to enjoying a more visceral and less virtual life. No disrespect to WWW intended.

This rather poor photograph details a strange incident a week or so ago when I found myself accidentally managing a Tribute to Manchester United Football Team in Spain, makes a welcome change from another Fink Ployd, Ned Zeplin or Arcade Monkeys.

I am sporting what I consider to be respectable atirment for the position. I can be seen swigging from a bottle of budget flavoured rum I retrived from the icup they are holding. My training of the team and tactical methods were brutal and basically involved group Cruz Campo Lager drinking before and during the match, but forboten alcohol post match. Thus the team Imbibed like Trojans, and of course we won. I loath football but always enjoy a good win.



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