Space Oddity or Whitey On The Moon?

Thin Whitey Duke or Thin Black Kid? I found this video of this Real Spaceman performing Space Oddity in Space disturbingly touching. It is an oddity. Straight after watching it I thought: That’s a fucking expensive home music video, I wonder what the tax payers of the USA think of it? Maybe I’m missing the point. Maybe It trades in on Bowie’s “Comeback” but it appears sincere. It avoids the alienating ending where Circuits go dead and we loose Junky Major Tom. Too scary to think about, let alone sing. Perhaps it is better to have No Imagination What So Ever when in Space. Perhaps Gil Scott Heron can put me straight on all this.

International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield covers David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ and wins the internet.


Gil Scott Heron’s Whitey On The Moon

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